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Fashion Designer / Chief Executive

(ToBeTwo - Auroville)

Our Story

Started in 2006, Tobetwo, is a fashion-brand company that represents comfort, quality, and design. The designers from different corners of the world came together to create a range of diverse cut fashion garments for women, men, and children made from the finest cotton, linen, silk, jersey, and natural viscose.


The company’s commitment to its aims is self-evident - it is the perfect cut and fit, meticulous quality control, and the attention that goes into every detail of production.

To Be Two can execute any design presented to them or help in finalizing the customer's own design.

Inspired by the concept of “Recycling & Upcycling”, To Be Two has also brought to surface an ambition to create environmentally conscious accessories. The team has made it their aim to incorporate already leftover existing and scrap pieces to create beautiful handmade bags, unique dolls, and a collection of jewelry, gorges, and casual, ranging with a vast variety of colours and shapes.

We provide careful training of our staff and work opportunities for the local inhabitants.

To Be Two is a unit of Auroville, the international city in South India, a place for research in human unity. With its profits To Be Two aims to help to realize the manifestation of Auroville.

To Be Two Team
KALKI shop, Auroville, India
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
KALKI shop, Auroville
Window Display Kalki shop
Stitching section
Stitching section
Cutting section
Cutting section
Painting section
Painting section
Painting section
accessories Department
Accessories Department

Our Team

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