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What Is Ethical Fashion?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

If you’ve been around the simple living or minimalism scene for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “ethical fashion” thrown around. You may also have heard the terms slow fashion, fair trade fashion, and sustainable fashion as well. So, what exactly do all of those terms mean?

Though similar in principle, each one is unique, but all are an alternative to another phrase you might’ve heard—fast fashion.

Fast fashion is just what it sounds like. Rather than sticking to the historical model of a few seasons per year where it took months (sometimes years) for items to go from design to reality and from the catwalk to a local department store, the fashion industry now expedites the process to get more clothing in the hands of consumers faster. It results in close to 52 fashion “seasons” per year, with new items coming in all the time.

In order to meet such high demand, something must be sacrificed. Unfortunately, that sacrifice is often related to the quality of the garment, its effect on the environment, and the human lives involved in the production process.

Countless fast-fashion retailers take advantage of cheap labor overseas, manufacturing their garments in sweatshops with little to no regard for the working conditions of the laborers and the negative impacts chemicals and other elements have on those workers and the environment.

Ethical, slow, sustainable, and fair trade fashion are all reactions against the fast fashion industry.

likewise To Be Two is a Fashion Designing house, representing the conscious garments that are made with some local inhabitant peoples around Auroville. To Be Two providing training and work opportunities as well.

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